South African Firefighters Give Parched Tortoise a Much Needed Drink of Water From a Water Bottle Cap

Volunteer firefighters with the Devils Peak Vredehoek Neighbourhood Watch took a moment out from their hard work fighting fires in Cape Town, South Africa to give a very parched tortoise a long drink from the cap of a bottle of water.

These firefighters manage to give a turtle a drink of water due to the Cape Town fire in April of 2021.

The devastating fires started on April 18, 2021, near Devils Peak in Table Mountain Park. Sadly the large animal population of the area has been profoundly affected. Belinda Abraham, the spokesperson for Cape Hope SPCA told The South African that the signs are ominous but she still remains hopeful.

In the aftermath of the fire, we are now seeing the first signs of life and loss. Searching the areas for any form of life has become heartbreakingly traumatic as the charred remains of the several different species we come across tell the story of immense suffering. Overcome by smoke then turned to charcoal. Those that survived, give us hope.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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