Small Inverted Fire Tornado Built Inside a Soap Bubble

Dustin Skye, an artist who specializes in bubbles, has quite remarkably built a small inverted fire tornado inside a 66mm soap bubble that somehow doesn’t break with the weight of the smoke and fire.

An inverted tornado fire bubble created December 14 2018

Skye explains how he performs this trick in a helpful how-to video.

It’s possible to create an inverted fire tornado bubble with my 66mm intorvex wands. It’s not nearly as easy as it is with my large 150mm modular wand, but it is possible.

Here’s that same trick performed with a larger wand and in slow motion.

I designed and 3d printed a bubble wand for making bubble art. This is a bubble with an inverted fog vortex that I light on fire.

via MetaFilter