Animal Lover Documents the Slow But Incredible Process of Befriending a Truly Feral Cat

In 2014, animal lover and photographer known as the Backyard Birder grew concerned when he noticed that a feral cat was hunting the birds and squirrels that would frequent his yard. Rather than take drastic action, the man decided to document the process of befriending such an independent creature. The progress was very slow, but the Backyard Birder was patient, letting the cat dictate the relationship but intervening when it looked like another animal would be hurt or killed. After about five weeks of getting to know one another, the cat rubbed up against the man’s outstretched hand. The cat remained feral until trapped by the city. The cat was adopted soon after.

A beautiful feral cat starts hunting backyard wildlife – a dilemma for animal lovers! I decide to watch, film and try to get to know this wild creature and see if a win-win solution is possible.

Almost a year later in 2015, another feral cat entered Backyard Bird’s yard and while very physically similar, this big tomcat was very different in personality and operated mostly at night.

Documentary on the secret nocturnal life of a feral cat. Relying on ancient instinct and its wits a wild feral cat survives off the land among the wild creatures of the night.