An Improved Exploding Glitter Fart Bomb With a Self-Launching Lid to Deter Thieving Porch Pirates

In 2018, engineer Mark Rober came up with a brilliant plan to deter porch pirates with a mechanical glitter fart bomb. He then improved the design in the following years.

For version 4.0, Rober added much more glitter, a stronger odiferous fart spray, a car horn, and a self-launching lid to ensure that both the glitter and the message really stick. He also kept the four phones inside the box to document the crime and lead police to the offenders. Despite the fame of Rober’s original glitter bombs and other waylaying tricks, there was no shortage of package pirates in 2021.

This guy stole a package from my car and a different guy stole my package from a porch and he’s about to open it in his car. But what he doesn’t realize is this is the fourth generation of a new and improved custom-built bait package that is recording him on four phones and just released a pound of the world’s finest glitter. And he’s about to discover the other five new surprises for this year.

Rober also filmed a faux commercial for his new and sleekly improved glitter bomb.

Here’s behind-the-scenes footage of the fake ad.

Here are Rober’s first three designs from previous years.

A previous version of Rober’s glitter bomb trap also caught a phone scammer.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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