Frustrated Fresno Resident Uses Cat Poop to Deter Package Thieves From Ever Returning to His Door

Alec Armbruster, a resident in Fresno, California, grew rather frustrated with the fact that his home-delivery packages were repeatedly being stolen off his front porch and decided to fight back with his cat in a very clever manner. Armbruster packed up used cat litter, disguised it as a high-value package, set it out front, turn on his security camera and waited. It wasn’t long before an unwitting thief took the bait and then sped off with his ill-gotten bounty in a waiting car. Armbruster remixed the footage into an amusing song with a good beat.

I’m sick of my packages being stolen, so I got creative…

Afterward, Armbruster reported the incident to the police. The patrolman who came out to his house found the video both very helpful and very funny.