Comedian Amusingly Explains the State of the World in April 2021 to the January 2020 Version of Herself

Comedian Julie Nolke (previously), who has been trying to explain the near future to different versions of her previous self throughout 2020, came back in April 2021 share the state of the world with the January 2020 version of herself. The current Julie had a hard time not revealing the future to past Julie, she even slipped up a few times but recovered by saying it was a just the convoluted plot of a new movie starring Matt Damon and Queen Latifah.

How about the fact that there’s a pandemic, and then there’s George Floyd, and then there’s more pandemic, and then just when you think that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine, a new variant comes along that’s 50% more infectious, and you can’t get the vaccine out fast enough, and so more and more people are getting sick, and then on top of that, a bunch of crazy people storms the US Capitol, and now there’s a mental health crisis, and people are anxious and depressed ….that’s just the plot of a new movie, of a new movie that’s coming out.