Dyslexic Man Candidly Explains What Dyslexia Is Like

While visiting New York City, travel vlogger Johnny Harris (previously) very candidly explains what it’s like having dyslexia, using forthright language and real-world examples to define and relate the experience to those who don’t know and/or understand what it’s like.

Dyslexia has a lot to do with the term decoding. If you are a human and you live in the modern world (which is every person watching this video right now), your life is decoded. Our world is made up of symbols, a bunch of symbols that don’t inherently mean anything…Your whole school experience is one giant decoding of books and symbols and images to give meaning and knowledge to your brain. When you’re dyslexic, this whole decoding thing gets hard. …just pages and pages of symbols and you’re supposed to make meaning out of them. …If you’re dyslexic, you suck at reading.