An Affectionate Young Elk Exchanges Kisses With a Fuzzy Great Pyrenees Puppy Through a Wire Fence

After Winter Storm Xylia pummeled the great state of Colorado, Loveland resident Laura Sturges shared adorable footage of an affectionate young elk wandering over to the wire fence and giving her puppy Winston a great big kiss. Winston responded in kind, wagging his tail and happily sniffing the wild creature. This type of interaction between these two species is not often seen, so capturing such footage was a treat.

We were so lucky to capture this moment when Winston walked the fence line, sat, and waited until a young bull with one antler approached to say hello. They exchanged some kisses, both acting curious and relatively comfortable given that these interactions do not happen often or at all between these species.

The elk normally don’t come close to Sturgis’ property, which is near Devil’s Backbone Park, but the storm made it difficult for the herd to find food.

.After the storm subsided, the resident elk were wandering the area looking for food, moving constantly in search of grazing. It’s fairly normal to see the elk a few times a month during winter but this time about 50-60 of them crossed the highway directly into our pasture.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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