A Hungry Elephant Knocks Over a Three Wheeled Vehicle in Search of Something Good to Eat

While travelling down a Sri Lankan road, tourist riding around in a guided tuk tuk came across a wayward elephant. A local man witnessing the scene, came up with a way to distract the hungry pachyderm, but unfortunately, something got lost in translation. The elephant proceeded to knock over the vehicle and examine all its contents for something to eat.

We were currently traveling around Sri Lanka and had just left Arugam Bay heading to Yala. We came across this wild elephant on the main road. A local had given the Irish guy who was a passenger in the tuk tuk food to throw and distract the elephant so they could pass by safely but instead he decided to hand feed it to the elephant, not realizing he was supposed to throw it. The elephant turned over the tuk tuk and took out all his bags searching for food. Must be the luck of the Irish that he wasn’t injured.”