The Oddly Soothing Sound of an Electric Guitar Being Played Through a Telegraph Machine

Creative musician Rob Scallon (previously), clad in full fatigues and stationed in what appeared to be an underground WWII bunker of sorts, pulled out his signature guitar and began playing it one-handed through a pedal that mimicked the tremolo pattern of a telegraph machine.

This really cool pedal by Coppersound is aptly called the Telegraph Stutter as it interrupts the flow of sound when the player presses on the handle. This effect also makes for some oddly soothing rhythms within a solo.

Playing my guitar through a pedal that recreates an old telegraph. Basically just a button that lets a signal pass through it. But rather than having a constant tone going into the machine, it’s a guitar. And rather than using the button to send messages in morse code over long distances, it sends chill vibes.

Scallon spoke more about the pedal in a separate video.