An Aromatic Electric Guitar Made Out of Coffee Beans

A rather caffeinated Burl of Burls Art decided to build for himself a guitar made out of 5,000 coffee beans. As with his other builds, Burl encased the beans in resin, carefully cut out the body of the guitar, connected the neck, and inserted the electronics. He also created a gorgeous headstock veneer out of copper sheeting and gave the guitar a warm, copper color that matched the beans. Additionally, the guitar itself has the aroma of coffee.

As far as the guitar goes I think it came out looking pretty awesome. The shape is like a modified Explorer. One thing I’m sure a lot of you are wondering is why I didn’t flood coat the top and bottom of the guitar to give it a perfect finish. I gave it some consideration but it’s not every day that I build a guitar that smells this good if you’re within like 10 feet of this guitar you can smell it. It was also kind of nice just building it because the shop smelled like coffee all the time. I wanted to keep that aspect of this guitar.

The guitar was made out of coffee beans from Copper Coffee in Austin, Texas.

This guitar was built from coffee beans from my buddy’s company Copper Coffee, so I want to thank him for sending those over for this build. and I will be sending this guitar over to them so they can put it up in their shop.