‘El MacroMural Barrio de Palmitas’, Street Artists Turn a Troubled Hillside District Into a Colorful Mural

El MacroMural

Street artists, The GERMEN, in cooperation with the Mexican government, has turned the troubled hillside district of Palmitas in Pachuca into a giant, brightly colored mural entitled “El MacroMural Barrio de Palmitas“. The crew recruited local youth to help paint the over 20,000 square meters of 209 homes, thus creating positive distraction and paying jobs for the disaffected youth of the town. The GERMEN use the concept of public art to help bring pride back to Mexican cities.

(translated) There is potential for interaction and artistic innovation, so we opted to understand the public space as the scene of daily social interaction to be met by educational functions, potentialities, material and tangible, where the aim is to satisfy the needs of collective development beyond of individual and economic. Our work is an artistic offering to our cities because by colors shapes textures and mixed techniques. We share our way of doing and understanding art, seek to detonate the seed as possible to strengthen the heart and enthusiasm who lives in places that we intervene. We rehabilitate public space making it more useful for those who inhabit a place to educate, motivate, help intake and germinate a new relationship between citizens and their environment and expressions which there converge OUR GOAL. Creating murals is a heritage work that uses public space as a means of communication.

El MacroMural


El MacroMural3

El MacroMural Stair

El MacroMural Paint

images via Germen Nuevo Muralismo Mexicano

via Street Art News

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