Eight-Year Old Rescued Cat Emits a High Pitched, Trilling Purr That Can Be Heard Across the Room

The treble of Tribble – A beautiful “creamsicle” cat named Tribble emits the cutest, high pitched, trilling purr that can be heard throughout the room. And these days Tribble has much to purr about. The seven-year old cat had been in and out of shelters for his whole life – his first human died and his second home had little kids who terrorized him – until he found the right home with a woman named Kimm, who is friends with Rob of The ShoKo Show. Rob also took this opportunity to talk about the benefits of adopting an older cat.

There are many reasons to adopt an older cat, but this story is about just one special guy who will make you think twice if you have your heart set on a kitten. If you’ve been browsing local animal shelters looking for the right animal companion for you and tend to overlook an older cat fearing the possible reasons they were brought to the shelter at such an age in the first place, read on.

via Hello Giggles