Eggshell, A Jittery Stop-Motion Animation About Anxiety

Filmmaker Case Jernigan has created “eggshell”, a jittery stop-motion animation made out of paper cut-outs and cereal boxes, that tells the story of one man’s severe anxiety. He recalls being thrown into the pool at a young age, his brother growing further and further away and his mother disappearing from his life. The panic renews itself as the memories become clearer until his partner (Cassandra Shaw) brings him back to the present time, a place where he’s clearly loved.

My work is about compartmentalization, about being an artist or dreamer amid the rigid formal tenets of churches and schools. I make imagery from anxious childhood moments. Feeling scared at night, covers pulled overhead. Trapped between powerful authority figures and propelled down an accepted path of behavior and belief. I make artwork about bullies, hero-worship, religious fervor, and yearning.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips