A Whimsical Photo Series That Imagines Meals Based on the Researched Eating Habits of Famous Artists

Jack Kerouac Midnight til Dawn

Detroit photographer Michelle Gerard has created “The Artist Diet” a wonderfully whimsical photo series in which she has recreated meals reflecting the eating habits such luminary artists as John Steinbeck, Georgia O’Keeffe, Jack Kerouac, Andy Warhol, Charles M. Schulz, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Marcel Proust. Gerard stated that she got the idea after reading about director David Lynch‘s favorite food ritual.

Several years ago, I was reading about David Lynch’s strict ritual of dining at Bob’s Big Boy at precisely 2:30pm (the only time when the milkshake is just the right consistency) and how he would drink 5, 6, 7 cups of coffee with lots and lots of sugar. He described himself as “heavily into sugar” and the sugar/caffeine combination fueled his creativity while he scribbled ideas on napkins. He credited so much of this ritual to his success. From there, I started researching other artists with rituals surrounding food.

John Steinbeck Cold Toast and Stale Coffee

Georgia O'Keefe Ghost Ranch Breakfast

Andy Warhol Candy and Cakes

Charles Schulz Ham Sandwich

David Lynch Chocolate Milkshake at 230 pm

F Scott Fitzgerald Meal

Marcel Proust Breakfast in Bed

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips