The Earliest Known Film and Sound Recordings of the Jimi Hendrix Experience From 1967

The GuitArchive, “home of all things guitar”, posted an incredible video showing the Jimi Hendrix Experience playing live at the Chelmsford Corn Exchange in February 1967, three months before their first album was released. According Chelsmford Rocks, this is the earliest known footage of the band, recorded for broadcast in the Netherlands.

This is the earliest known film and sound recordings of The Jimi Hendrix Experience in concert from February 25, 1967 before a packed audience in Chelmsford, England. Songs featured are “Stone Free” and “Like A Rolling Stone.”. Recorded & filmed for “Telixer: A Thing Of Beat Is A Joy Forever” broadcast by KRO, The Netherlands, 21 July 1967. Although filmed for television the audio is not taken from the mixing desk (and shot with just one camera).

via Open Culture