Duck and Cow Love to Go Swimming Together

A fuzzy Highland mini-cow named Dumplin’ and an expressive duck named Milkshake love to go swimming together in the pond at Fur & Feathers Farm in Walker, Louisiana. According to their humans Bre and Cameron, Milkshake prefered the company of cows to other ducks.

Milkshake never got in the pond when she was around other ducks. Milkshake for whatever reason was drawn to the cows. The other ducks go to the pond or the creek. Until Dumplin’ decided to go for a swim and she bailed right in there. As soon as Dumplin got out, Milkshake was right behind me … I’ve never seen Milkshake in the water without Dumplin’.

Duck Cow Swim Together

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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