Donkeys and Mules Carry Newborn Lambs Down Hills to Their Mothers Inside Specially Tailored Saddles

Donkey fan Ariane Coury, who manages the For the Love of Donkeys group on Facebook, posted a fascinating photo of nanny donkeys and mules who were outfitted with special saddles to carry newborn lambs down the hills of Italian Alps during the annual move from higher pastures to lower plains. The little ones are not able to make the journey on their own, so the much stronger and steadier nannies help to get them reunited with their mothers.

Newborn Lambs are unable to make this journey on their own. Instead they are packed out riding in the pouches of a specially made saddle on the back of a Donkey/Mule Nanny. These beautiful babies are taken down at rest stops and returned to their mothers for a bite to eat and a bit of nuzzling.

via Neatorama

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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