Dolly Parton Reflects on Her Humble Beginnings in an Animated ‘Playboy’ Interview From 1978

In the most recent episode of the animated PBS series Blank on Blank, the ever-effervescent Dolly Parton opens up about her humble beginnings, her many siblings, and their creative bathing habits in a 1978 interview with writer Larry Grobel for Playboy magazine, since animated by Quoted Studios.

I was thinking about if I was on the Johnny Carson show… I just got to thinking one night, I was laughing about how nobody had ever asked me about how we bathed or what we did because we made our own soap and in the summer time we’d go to the river. We’d just all pile in the truck or something. Of course we had a creek but the river was great. That was like a big bath. We could all go in swimming and we’d wash each other’s hair. Soap was just flowing down the river. That’s where we bathed in the summer time.

River Bath

image via Blank on Blank