Adoptable Dogs Choose Their Own Christmas Presents From Brand New Donated Toys Lined Up on the Floor

As they have done in previous years, the kind humans of the Dogs Trust Ireland Rehoming Centre in Dublin, set out several lines of brand new, unwrapped donated toys on the floor to give the resident adoptable dogs the opportunity to pick out their very own presents for Christmas 2020. The excited dogs carefully examined what was available to them before making a perfect choice.

We hope watching the dogs pick their own present puts a much-deserved smile on your face!

Shep Dog Choosing Own Christmas Toy

One particularly brachycephalic pup named Ollie had a bit of a time grabbing onto a squeaky pig he desired but he eventually got the hang of it.

Ollie Dog Chooses Gift

Dogs Trust acknowledged that this year was a difficult one and expressed their appreciation for all those who donated a toy in order to make this wonderful tradition happen again.

A massive THANK YOU for making this possible for our dogs with your generous donations. Every year, we are blown away by your support, especially this year and all the hardship it has brought so many people.

The dogs also received presents directly from the staff that they got to unwrap themselves.