A Concerned Dog Heroically Jumps Into the Pool to Rescue His Canine Friend Who Couldn’t Get Out

A pair of dogs named Smokey and Remus, were playing around in their Mesa, Arizona backyard, right next to the pool. Though not pictured, it appears that Smokey fell in and was unable to get himself out. A very concerned Remus nervously paced back and forth, trying to direct Smokey to steps at the shallower end of the pool. When Smokey didn’t respond, Remus jumped in and gave Smokey a good boost up onto dry land. Remus followed behind soon after. It was only after Smokey’s human Laurie Sorsen Becerra took a look at the security tapes, that she and her family realized what happened.

So Remus and Smokey got a little rambunctious. Smokey can swim just not well (as video shows) watch video all the way to end. Jay recorded this off our security camera when he saw Smokey all wet! Remus May be a crazy pup but he’s got a heart of gold !! My hero. Please no backlash jay was in house for few minutes and they must have come thru fence. They play around pool all the time with no incidence.[sic]