An Extremely Photogenic Disabled Cat Who Can Roll His Tongue While Posing Elegantly for Pictures

An extremely photogenic cat named Rexie has a unique ability to roll his tongue and will often do so while modeling handmade kitty apparel for his human’s camera. Rexie was born without the use of his back legs, but that doesn’t stop him from living the good life, either with or without his pink wheelchair.

A lot of people assume that the only proper way for Rexie and other cats in a similar condition to walk is using a wheelchair. But in fact, it’s the other way round. Unlike dogs and a number of other animals, paralysed cats do not need a wheelchair to move around better and have a good quality of life. Most cats do feel better living as they are, without any additional object that we think might help them. Two-legged cats by no means are different from the normal ones, except for being slower and clumsier at times and having no ability to jump. But they do perfectly fine with those two legs they have.