How Determined Detailers Deep Cleaned a Classic Pontiac Firebird That Was Flooded With Hardened Mud

RJ Wagner and Brent Dicesare of WD Detailing in Cleveland, Ohio showed how they deep cleaned a Pontiac WS6 Firebird that had been flooded with mud and debris that dried and hardened into every part of the car.

The car had come from Kentucky and, although it would never again be driveable, it was valuable for parts. With this in mind, the men used every tool in their detailing arsenal to make each and every part of the vehicle gleam like new.

Today, we tackle the interior of the muddiest WS6 Firebird EVER. This car was in a flood thus letting a ton of mud in and we wanted to see how clean we could get it so in this video we show you the satisfying process of deep cleaning it!

The car was eventually able to run, but it certainly wasn’t street legal by any means.

Muddy Car Deep Cleaned

They also narrated the video for Insider.

Hard mud and clay were caked onto the interior of this WS6 Firebird after it was in a flood in Kentucky. WD Detailing’s RJ Wagner and Brent Dicesare started detailing it with the intention of salvaging its parts, which were originally made in limited quantities. Eventually, the car was able to run again.