Deaf White Cat Enjoys Riding Around London on Bicycle

A beautiful white Norwegian forest cat named Sigrid enjoys riding around London in the basket of her human Travis Nelson‘s bicycle so much that she demands to go out whenever he does. Because Sigrid is deaf, the loud noises of the city don’t bother her, nor does the constant attention she receive from passersby. The pair have logged long distances so far.

Nothing really shocks her or surprises her we’ve been basically all over London. We’re up to 700 miles total for her career of riding. …It’s just non-stop people like stopping and turning and saying ‘oh my gosh is that a cat?’…She’s so used to meeting people now and getting petted. She tends to just ignore people. The consequences of fame.

Nelson has since written Sigrid Rides, a book about their time together on a bicycle. Sigrid is also the subject of Nelson’s podcast.

The Story of an Extraordinary Friendship and An Adventure on Two Wheels

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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