De Poezenboot, A Houseboat on an Amsterdam Canal That Provides a Floating Sanctuary to Homeless Cats

De Poezenboot is a wonderful sanctuary houseboat for homeless cats that floats upon the waters of the historic Herengracht canal in Amsterdam. This floating sanctuary was first started by locally renowned “cat lady” Mrs. v. Weelde in 1966 and her mission has continued on for the 52 years since.

Each cat on the houseboat is given care for life. Supporters can help pay for the care of any of the resident felines with a virtual adoption. The “Catboat” is a non-profit that relies on the help of donations to pay for the daily needs of the cats and of the boat itself. De Poezenboot is also open to visitors during specific times.

(translated) The cats that can walk freely at De Poezenboot (The Catboat) are no ordinary housecats. They have been living outside for a long time or/and are born outside. …Without your donation, we cannot buy food or toys for the cats, heat the boats or, in fact, do anything. We receive no local or national government assistance, so we are entirely dependent upon your donations.

via Mic, Mental Floss, Neatorama

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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