Daring Dachshund Goes on First Skydiving Trip Strapped to His Adventurous Human

A daring dachshund named Riley went on his very first skydiving trip strapped his adventurous photographer human Nathan Batiste, who said stated that the jump was “the best he’s ever experienced”.

Riley the dog stunned onlookers when he took his daily exercise at 13,000ft by jumping out an aeroplane strapped to his adrenalin-junkie owner. The four-year old Dachshund completed his first ever skydive with owner Nathan Batiste, 38, who claimed it was the best jump he’s ever experienced. Nathan, a photographer from San Francisco, has made more than 400 jumps in his lifetime but this was the first time he had taken his canine companion along. The little dog was kitted out with his very own pair of doggles for the jump and strapped to his owner’s chest.