Danny DeVito and Daughter Lucy Review Tattoos of Characters He’s Played Throughout His Career

The inimitable Danny DeVito and his daughter Lucy DeVito amusingly reviewed an array of tattoos that capture the variety of characters DeVito’s played throughout his career.

Danny DeVito tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. From “Danny Dorito” to an original Ongo Gablogian piece, the DeVitos find each tattoo very far from derivative.

Characters include Danny Dorito by Tina Miller, Derivative by Aimie Ferriera, Ongo Gablogian and Doctor Toboggan by Brea Bastin, two different versions of Danny DeFeeto by Juliana Burke and Dale Winters, The Lorax by Brandon Archer, Toe Knife by Ricky Mollander, Rum Ham by Johann Ulrich, Troll Toll by Anna Rispoli, The Hoors by Christofari Dodd, and Danny DeviToe by Caliope Yiannos.

Here are some of the tattoos mentioned in the video.