Teddy Bears, Cats and Sheep Multiply In a Surreal Animation of a World That Is Eternally Creating Itself

Circle World Cyriak

Cyriak Harris, the creative mind behind many disconcerting films, has created “Circle World”, a surreal circular journey that starts with teddy bears that multiply faster than rabbits and create a city in which cars and replicating cats move around and around until they reach the country.

In the country, odd sheep with spidery leg bones sit and weave webs to catch the ever-growing herd sprouting up everywhere. The forward movement of the animation finally reaches the origin of the journey – lab-coated teddy bears who start the whole process over again.

Some familiar faces have returned to take us on a journey through a magical world that is eternally creating itself.

Circle World Lab Coats Cyriak

Circle World Sheep

Cyriak Circle World

Circle World Cats

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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