Creating the Illusion of Movement by ‘Primitive Means’

In 2016, we wrote about “Toki”, an amazing 3D printed zoetrope by Japanese artist Akinori Goto. Since that time Goto has further explored how light interacts with movement. In “Rediscovery of Anima”, Goto takes a look at the more “primitive methods using sunlight”.

At the same time as exploring how society might have interacted with these “anima” if they were discovered at the time these primitive methods were available, the project also aims to show people anew the sheer joy and admiration of the illusion of movement in an age where technological advancements have made it possible to consume visual media in many different situations.

Goto inspired animator Harvey Newman to create a 3D printed illusion using the sun as a light source.

Goto also shared several of his more recent 3D printed zoetropes on social media.
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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