Coyote Peterson Kisses a Moose and Catches an Elusive Toad While On Location in Alaska

While on location at the Steve Kroschel Wilderness Center in Haines, Alaska, the adventurous Brave Wilderness host Coyote Peterson found himself making friends with a 4-year old orphaned moose named Karen. This was achieved by kissing her on the nose while feeding her carrots, which Peterson found to be a bit salty.

Believe it or not, Moose not only love to eat carrots in the state of Alaska but they also like to be kissed as well! While visiting Steve Kroschel’s Wildlife Center in the town of Haines, the Brave Wilderness team was presented with their own special opportunity to enjoy this famous Alaskan tradition…yep that’s right folks, some seriously slobbery moose smooches.

Almost a month later, Peterson went off into the Alaska woods to see if he could find a unique animal to catch. He emerged excitedly from the trees to show off an elusive Western Toad, the only species of toad that can survive cold weather.

The Western Toad is the only species of Toad, and one of very few amphibians, to inhabit this far Northern reach of the globe. In fact, amphibians are so uncommon in Alaska no one in the crew even thought finding one would be a possibility…but as always, Coyote managed to discover the most elusive creature against all odds…and all while playing Pokemon Go no less!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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