Coyote Peterson Explains to Conan Why He Set Out to Endure the World’s Most Painful Insect Stings

Back from his adventures in Costa Rica, Coyote Peterson of Brave Wilderness was invited onto Conan to explain why he set out to endure most painful insect stings ever recorded. Peterson replied that he does it to educate people, something he’s explained to his audience many times before.

If you didn’t know it already, Coyote is here to inform you that getting stung by a tarantula hawk is a bad idea.

Just a bit later in the show Peterson brought out some creepy-crawly creatures, much to the host’s delight.

Immediately afterwards, Peterson led everyone over to fish tanks that contained a few giant, slimy sea slugs.Peterson pulled out one and placed into the host’s very hesitant hands. Peterson also had slugs for guest Jeff Goldblum and sidekick Andy Richter.