Compassionate Woman Spends Thousands of Hours Knitting Warm Sweaters for Homeless Greyhounds


Since 2008, a talented and compassionate craftswoman named Jan Brown of Knittedwithlove in Seaburn, Sunderland, UK, has spent thousands of hours creating sweaters, coats and neck warmers and snoods for homeless and rescued Sighthounds, a category that includes Greyhounds, Lurchers and Whippets. For the first few years, Brown had been doing this on the side, but in 2012, she made knitting her full time career.

Knittedwithlove was established in 2008 by Jan Brown, who started off hand knitting dog coats to raise money and awareness for the greyhound rescue northeast. In recent years Jan has found herself being inundated with orders for coats, hats, neck warmers for all shape and size of dog. At the beginning of 2012 Jan decided to finish work and knit full time.

Neck Warmer


Turquoise Brown


images via Knittedwithlove

via Metro UK