Company Conducts Skype Interviews for a Job With Extremely Stringent Requirements And No Pay

In this video posted by cardstore, a company conducts interviews via Skype for a Director of Operations with some very stringent requirements.

Now this position requires excellent negotiation and interpersonal skills. We are really looking for someone that might have a degree in medicine in finance and the culinary arts. You must be able to wear several hats so she it needs constant attention sometimes they have to stay up with an associate throughout the night able to work in a chaotic environment. If you you had a life we ask you to give that up life. No vacations in fact Thanksgiving, Christmas New Years and holidays the workload is gonna go up and we demand that with with the happy disposition…and the position is going to pay absolutely nothing.

Sound like anyone you know?

via AdWeek

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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