Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell Hilariously Try to Re-Enact Their 1996 ‘Waiters Nauseated by Food’ Sketch

Actor and comedian Steve Carell appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his new series The Morning Show. Carell and Colbert, who have been really good friends for a very long time, hilariously attempted to re-enact their infamous 1996 sketch “Waiters Nauseated by Food”, but kept getting sidetracked by one another.

Steve Carell stars in the new Apple TV+ series, “The Morning Show” but before that he got hired as a correspondent on “The Daily Show” off of a sketch with Colbert called “Waiters Nauseated By Food.”

Later on in the show, Carell talked about how he doesn’t watch himself on reruns of The Office.

Here’s the original 1996 sketch “Waiters Nauseated by Food”.