Coffee Expert Performs a Series of A or B Taste Tests to Determine Which Cup is More Expensive

In a caffeinated episode of the Epicurious series Price Points, artisan roaster Dillon Edwards of Parlor Coffee in Brooklyn, New York, performed a series of A or B taste tests to determine which of the two samples is of higher quality and thus, more expensive. During each test, Edward explained what makes a good cup of coffee, the difference between fresh roasted and commercial grade coffees, how to properly prepare a pour-over cup of coffee, how different coffee varietals provide different flavor notes and why coffee is found at so many different price points.

Edwards breaks down roasts (dark roast vs light roast), processing, freshness, varietals, and source. For each element, the connoisseur looks at and tests each coffee before guessing which coffee costs more. Once the prices are revealed, Edwards explains why a specific coffee costs more and dives into specifics on how each coffee is made.