Cloody the Bunny Takes A Bath

Cloody the Bunny is seen here deliriously enjoying a bath. While it is true that rabbits are usually self-cleaning animals, Cloody doesn’t seem to mind the assistance of his human even one tiny bit.

I hold him in a baby position in my arms as well and it relaxes him to sit that way so he falls asleep. He also enjoys a body massage, except for his feet. After his baths he goes outside to dry off as usual. Rabbits rarely bathe because they can use their tongues to clean themselves, but since he can’t reach his back he likes the water. It is absolutely harmless!

As a general rule, it is not recommended that rabbits be bathed on a regular basis, but if a bath is needed due to the animal’s inability to self-clean, My House Rabbit has some very good advice in this area.

Only in rare circumstances should you ever give your rabbit a bath. Rabbits are naturally very clean animals and groom themselves constantly. They will be able to keep themselves clean as long as their living environment is clean. Make sure to clean their litterboxes frequently. In some situations, giving your rabbit a bath may be necessary. An example would be if your rabbit is suffering from “poopy butt” and wiping the area with a damp paper towel is not effective. If this is the case, try to keep as much of the rabbit dry as possible, and only give the rabbit a shallow bath if you can. Then dry your bunny with a towel and make sure he’s able to stay warm. That is, don’t put him outside if it’s cold, and he’s still wet.

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Lori Dorn
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