Classical Cocktails, Iconic Drinks Fashioned in the Distinct Artistic Style of The Old Masters

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Photographer Greg Stroube of the St. Louis creative house Bruton Stroube has created “Classical Cocktails“, a very clever photo series that imagines how such iconic drinks as the Lime Rickey, a Bloody Mary, a Bellini and sangria would be prepared with the distinct artistic hand of an Old Master.

Bloody Mary just seems more fun with over-the-top garnishes – vegetables and herbs billowing out like a bouquet of flowers. That’s how the idea for Classical Cocktails began. How would an Old Master style a Sangria, how would Vermeer paint a Lime Ricky? I photographed for each value of light so that as we layered the images, we could pull out the highlights and push in the shadows in order to achieve that rich Chiaroscuro brilliance you see in a Golden Age painting.

A photo posted by Bruton Stroube (@brutonstroube) on

A photo posted by Greg Stroube (@gregstroube) on

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