A Small Group of NYC Christmas Carolers Sing Holiday Songs Directly to Dogs (and a Few Cats)

When comedian and The Carson Podcast host Mark Malkoff expressed concern that the dogs of New York City have never really been able to participate in the beloved tradition of Christmas carolling. In order to assuage this concern, he and a small group of friends went to the giant Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, scoped out the various canines in the crowd and began singing. From all appearances, the dogs really enjoyed being included. Malkoff was also concerned about cats, but when group sang, however, most of the cats didn’t really seem to care one way or the other.

Christmas Carolers, “THE DOG CAROLERS”, sing Christmas carols to crazy cute dogs in New York City. Christmas would not be complete without cats! Turns out adorable cats love Christmas songs (when they are not busy cat napping!)