Chordelia, An Attachable Guitar Device That Presses the Strings for Five Different Basic Chords

Tim, an Irish farmer from WayOutWest has created the Chordelia, an interesting device that attaches onto the neck of a guitar and “squashes the strings” to make five basic chords. The chords can then be readily accessed through the push of a labeled lever on back. The Chordelia is also available in a three-chord model and can only be used on certain guitars.

It’s for anyone who wants to play guitar but who finds it physically difficult to make the chords.And it’s for people who just want to play guitar immediately. Today, even! Who want to pick up a guitar and play right now, with no long, slow, tedious, painful learning involved. …Chordelia makes the most popular chords of all, and you will be able to play hundreds of songs using just these few chords – BUT there are lots more chords out there that Chordelia doesn’t make. If you want to play those then you’ll just have to make them yourself. The mechanism and the frame make a small squeaky noise – we’re working to minimize this but it’ll never disappear completely. Chordelia machines are great, but human hands really are the best thing to use if you can.

via Gizmodo

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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