A Clever Female Chimp Unexpectedly Climbs a Tree to Locate Water to Wash Her Muddy Hands

Chimp Washes Hands

In a really charming clip from the BBC Earth/PBS series Animals with Cameras, a clever female chimp who wanted clean the mud from her hands, determinedly climbed a tree to visit a water source known to her and washed her dirty hands. Cameras also captured other chimps using leaves to brush their teeth and to weave into a comfy place to relax.

Animals with Cameras airs in the States on PBS: 7th February at 8pm and in the UK on BBC One: 8th February 2018. This chimp collar camera reveals the secret self-grooming routine of a female. from the hand-washing, to the teeth cleaning and even the delicate weaving of leaves to create a perfect nest

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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