Chewbacca Sings a Touching Rendition of ‘Silent Night’ in His Native Shyriiwook Language

The tough but lovable Chewbacca performs a touching rendition of the classic Christmas carol “Silent Night” in his native Shyriiwook.

Merry Wookie Christmas from HISHE and James Covenant! The brilliant idea for “Chewbacca Sings Silent Night” was actually Scott Andersen and since then his audio has been shared many times, often without crediting him. You can download the original at the link above, or better yet support his genius by hiring him for web design. With Scott’s “blessing” and in honor of Christmas and Star Wars season, James Covenant (creator of the awesome Star Trek “Make It So” video) was inspired to create this new video for our channel to wish you all a very Star Wars Christmas!