A Unique Wallet That Looks Like a Cheeseburger

Cheeseburger Wallet

Toddland, a unique clothing and accessory store, is featuring their very popular delicious wallet that looks like a cheeseburger and comes in both seeded and unseeded puffy bun varieties. The wallet comes with a handy tip table, a stick-on mustache for the ID window and a “certificate of awesometicity”.

Here it is, the world famous toddland burger wallet!! seriously, the only thing better than this wallet is nothing. we’re pretty sure this wallet is even curing cancer. we’re also more sure it’s not. …yes, the bun is actually filled with a little bit of foam so it’s puffy. when you put it in your pocket the foam will smash down so it’s totally workable. …we do not recommend eating any of our products. in any quantity. …100% printed PU (polyurethane) wallet…California prop 65 compliant…

Cheeseburger Wallet Open and Shut

Cheeseburger Wallet Seeded Unseeded

via The Awesomer