Champy and Morris, A Wonderfully Unusual Friendship Between a Full-Grown Horse and a Rescued Black Cat

Champy and Morris, a horse and cat duo, are the very best of friends despite the enormous difference in their sizes. According to Jennifer Boyle, their jewelry-designing human, it was love at first sight.

Morris my cat jumps on Champy whenever he feels like going for a horse ride and he goes riding so often he’s even been dubbed The Horse Whisker-er! Morris and Champy have been best friends now for over 2 years and not a day goes by without Morris going for a ride. Morris will go riding for hours and sit on Champy’s back when he’s grazing and walking about, he loves to ride him when I’m trying to do training. They certainly walk about a lot together.

Boyle has created a line of clothing and jewelry dedicated to the friendship between these two beautiful animals. These items are available for purchase via Society6.

images via Champy and Morris