Sad Cats Share Their Feelings in a Therapy Session

In 2013, Ze Frank (previously) hilariously narrated “Sad Cat Diary”, a video in which a collection of depressed cats recounted the miserable state of their lives. Six years later, some of the cats have sought therapy so that they can get help (or revenge) in accepting miserable state of their lives.

Each feline has a therapy-worthy story, but this one seemed particularly traumatic.

My earliest memory was being alone behind a Trader Joe’s in Glendale. I thought my mother was this package of soft tofu that had fallen behind the dumpster. One day it gets really hot and the thing fermented and I’m kneading it right and it just blew up all over me and I’m just covered in chunks of what I thought was my mother. So do you think that’s relevant?

Here’s the “Sad Cat Diary” from 2013.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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