Mischievous Cat Hilariously Swats Away a Forkful of Salad On Its Way to Her Human’s Mouth

A mischievous little rescue cat named Thuthan Von Nubbinth, who was sitting on her human Olivia Lopez‘s lap, watched Lopez eating a Vietnamese salad. As Lopez brought a forkful to her mouth, Thuthan immediately swatted it away and then chased after the food that had landed on the chair.

I was recording because Thuthan the cat had tried to bite the fork earlier. We weren’t expecting Thuthan to full smack the fork but she did.

Thuthan is a special needs cat who has a cleft lip, a nubbed tail, and a variety of chronic illnesses that plague her daily life. Despite these challenges, Thuthan has a wonderful attitude towards life that her humans enjoy sharing with the rest of the world.

Thuthan is a 10-year-old special needs rescue with IBD, CKD, and arthritis. The main reason we post videos of her is to spread awareness of special needs cats and because she’s glorious.

Thuthan has a dachshund sister named Mira, whom sometimes she loves.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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