Irritated Tuxedo Cat Intensely Studies the Family Dog Before Giving Him a Good Whack on the Ear

A clearly irritated tuxedo cat named Ruta sat on the arm of the sofa studying Howie, the little family dog who was obliviously sitting upon the sofa itself. It appears that Howie may have done something to warrant feline retribution and Ruta had no intention of letting this unseen slight go. After staring at him for a bit, Ruta tested out her paw and then gave Howie a good whack on the ear. Howie reacted rather quickly with a growl that sent Ruta scattering out of the room.

Sitting on the arm of a sofa, Ruta the cat wonders how he can bother Howie the dog. After long seconds of reflection, the cat has made its decision, it will give a paw in the ear of the dog.

via Boing Boing