Cat Breaks Out of Shelter After 20 Minutes and Makes His Way Back to His Rescuer


When Ann Bosche found that she couldn’t keep the tabby with a white-tipped tail whom she nursed back to health, she resigned herself to the fact that he would be safest at the local shelter, where he could find a new home. A few weeks later, however, Ann was surprised to learn that Fancy broke out of the shelter only 20 minutes after she left and had been making his way back to her and her husband ever since.

I looked at the clock and wondered who was at my house at 5:30 am. …I got up to see and what I found was nothing short of a miracle. I saw a cat, sitting at my husband’s feet, talking to him. I kept trying to focus on the cat and when he flipped his tail around, I saw proof. There was the white tip. I started crying and quietly said ‘Oh my baby, Hi Fancy.’ He turned, saw me and ran to me, talking and squealing the whole way. I truly think he was saying ‘I found you! I’m home now. …I think he had a guardian angel looking out for him, directing him back to my house. I love him so much and feel we were meant to be together. He belongs here. Mr. Fancy will never want for a home, food or love again.

Fancy and Daddy Fancy eating

via Mel Weinstein

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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