Driving Over a Frozen Finnish Lake in a Subaru Hatchback With Giant Table Saw Blades as Wheels

Finnish couple Lauri Vuohensilta and Anni Vuohensilta of the Hydraulic Press Channel and Beyond the Press replaced all four tires on their Subaru hatchback with giant serrated table saw blades to see what would happen. Their first test site was a frozen lake near their home. After a bit of a rough start, they found that the wheels were quite successful at traversing the ice.

There wasn’t traction control or anything like that holding us back. The 1st gear was just too long/we hadn’t had enough power on low revs to go any faster. This was a really fun project and wheels worked surprisingly well. I was sure that they will break or destroy the car but now they just work…

Table Saw Blade Wheels Beyond the Press

The Vuohensiltas are planning to test the wheels out on a gravel road in a future video.

…for part 2 where we are going to test these on gravel roads! … I will do part 2 with a bit more speed when all the ice and snow have melted and they are not slowing me down like on this video.