Canadian Balloon Artist Creates an Amazing Life-Sized T-Rex Skeleton Using 1,400 Tan Balloons

In the ninth episode of the video series “The Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Made“, six-time, World Champion Balloon Artist Mark Verge talks about the incredible life-sized T-Rex skeleton that he create with over 1,400 tan colored balloons.

Balloon animals…nope balloon dinosaurs. World Balloon Modelling champion Mark Verge makes cool balloons for a living, but none cooler than this life size T-Rex. It consists of over 1400 balloons and took hundreds of hours to make but only a couple of days to become extinct.A previous version first place in the 2007 World Championship, and Mark shows us how it’s done. As he describes it “The Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Made”.

In June 2016, Verge created a fully-fleshed T-Rex for a clown-themed Geico commercial.