Playful Inks Dance Around Colorful Flowers to Evoke Their Natural Hues in a Whimsical Short Film

The short film “Bucolic” by Emilie Grange and Thomas Blanchard creates a whimsical environment for playful inks to dance in and around colorful flowers as if to evoke their coordinating natural hues. The flowers remain still while the inks vivaciously swirl around as if they are being emitted by the flowers themselves. The effect is both ethereal and gregarious at the same time.

This contradictory sensibility is fully complemented by Perry Como crooning “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”, a song that was featured in the classic Disney film Cinderella.

“Bucolic” mixes flowers with inks to best bring out the power of colors.


submitted via Laughing Squid Tips